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The Founding Chapter: From Solo Fabricator to PC Fabrications

PC Fabrications emerged from a simple, but, decisive moment back in 2005. It was borne out of a personal split and a successful property flip that left me (Paul) with a big discussion to make:

To continue in a comfortable job or to strike out on my own. With some profit in hand and a challenge ahead, I chose the latter.

I informed my then-boss of my Entrepreneurial pursuit, I still remember today the way he leaned back in his chair and laughed at me. He told me running a business was not the same as being good at making things and that I would be back.

His reaction only solidified my resolve.

I promised him, I would never take a single one of his customers (a promise upheld to date) and went my own way.

I started small, with a single fax machine in a compact unit, reaching out to businesses listed in the Yellow Pages. Then, I got my first break!

PC Fabrications first premises
PC Fabrications first premises

My Breakthrough and the Start of a decades-long working relationship

A call from Dave and Kim at Signs Express in Leeds. They liked what they saw and were willing to allow me to shoot my first shot. Dave and Kim continue to be a fantastic customer of ours today.

The first six months were a solitary grind. My younger brother was eager to join me in my venture, but I was concerned we didn't have enough work on to sustain to two of us. The next week, the decision was made for me and my Brother quit his job and joined the team. He had a young family to feed so we grafted and exceeded our customer's expectations and slowly but surely word got out and our reputation started to emerge.

Today, PC Fabrications stands as a testament to the value of hands-on skill and a clear vision. The company has grown from those initial, uncertain steps to a team of 15 dedicated employees. Our staff turnover is low, a sign of the strong culture and loyalty we’ve fostered over the years.

Our journey from a fledgling operation to a seasoned manufacturer wasn’t just about business growth, but, also about learning the ropes of a competitive industry and business as a whole.

As my old Boss said, running a business is different to being good at making things.

Through commitment and a focus on quality and efficiency, we have carved out a name for ourselves in the metal fabrication world.

This is PC Fabrications today: a place where challenges are met with expertise, and visions are transformed into tangible products. We've come a long way from that first fax machine, and we're proud of the company we've built and the path we've travelled.

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Paul Close Managing Director of PC Fabrications in Leeds

Meet Paul - The Driving Force Behind PC Fabrications

Managing Director.
I’m Paul, I established PC Fabrications in 2005. From then until now we have moved around the Leeds area, growing step by step while accumulating a larger client base.
To wind down I like to spend time in the gym or out exploring in my camper van alongside my sausage dog Ruby.

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Introducing Dave - The Technical Maestro of PC Fabrications

Dave Booth:
CAD Operator and estimator.

I’m Dave, I joined the team in 2014 after being a customer of the business myself. I deal with all things technical, whether it be from the graphics and CAD drawings of a job to pricing and quoting for all manner of items, even edge trim.
I like to spend my free time watching football or being a movie buff at the cinema.

Dave at PC Fabrications in Leeds
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Chris Elvidge: The Architect of Production at PC Fabrications

Chris: The Architect of Production at PC Fabrications

Production Manager.

I’m Chris. I joined the team in 2020. I organise jobs that come in and liaise with clients to figure out how we can bring the idea to life. Through careful planning and getting hands-on I ensure jobs are completed within good time scales all while leaving the door at a high standard.
My spare time consists of watching my favourite football team and occasionally nipping out to the club for a gin and a round of bingo!

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Ryan Shaw: The Digital Craftsman at PC Fabrications

CAD Operator.

I’m Ryan, I joined the team iin 2019. I deal with CAD drawings within PC Fabrications. Ideas go from pen and paper, and I put them into a digital drawing so it can be laser cut and fabricated by our team. In my spare time I enjoy making things at home with my 3D printer or out finding a new coffee shop to visit.

Ryan Shaw: The Digital Craftsman at PC Fabrications
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Julie Baldwin: The Financial Navigator & Edge Trim Expert

Julie Baldwin (No photo):
Accounts manager, worked since the business pretty much started.
I’m Julie. I am the accounts manager at PC Fabrications. I also run the edge trim side of the business, providing construction companies with countless amounts of sheet metal trim that’s used in the construction of many buildings all across the country.
If I’m not in work I enjoy going on holiday to sunny locations, my favourite being Greece.

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