How We Ensure A Brilliant Finish On Our Products

Recently here at PC Fabrications we have got our hands on a new Stainless Steel TIG cleaning brush! After looking at how we can further improve the quality of our stainless work, we looked into the TIG brushes that remove the ‘blue-ing’ and blemishes that are naturally created when TIG welding stainless steel.

This process adds a small amount of time to the jobs going forward but allows for a beautiful cleaned up finish therefore giving a better-looking end product!

The steps in using a TIG cleaning brush are straightforward but drastically improve the aesthetics of the product. Our skilled fabricators will dip the brush into the selected cleaning fluid, they then make contact with the weld and move the brush slowly across in a circular motion, making sure to re-dip the brush if required. After this the area then gets rinsed with water. Finally, the weld gets sprayed with a neutralizing fluid and then rinsed again. Cleaning complete.

Not only do we and our customers benefit from a better-looking product, the longevity of the products fabricated are extended as the stainless steel cleaning machines provide exemplary corrosion resistance in comparison to alternative cleaning techniques. As well as this it’s a quicker process that’s more flexible and safe!