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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting in Leeds, Yorkshire

From a sketch, to a CAD drawing all the way through to a finished high-quality laser cut product -

PC Fabrications are the company to use for sheet metal laser cutting in leeds

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New CNC Laser Cutting machine at PC Fabrications in Leeds

A Laser Cutting Company You Can Trust

With the lowest minimum order for laser cutting projects in Yorkshire and the capacity to handle the largest orders PC Fabrications are your sheet metal laser cutting partners.

Our specialist laser cutting facility uses a state-of-the-art Kimla 8kW Fibre Laser for our laser cutting service in Leeds. This gives us a fast road network to serve our clients throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

We take pride in our years of experience in Laser Cutting and reputable relationships made with customers who keep returning for additional excellent quality cut products.

With our quick turn around and high-quality laser cut products, you won’t be disappointed in the service you receive from us at PC Fabrications

What is Laser Cutting? 

Laser Cutting is a process of cutting sheet metal. The main advantage of our fibre laser over other types of laser cutters is that the beam travels from a power source through fibre optic cable directly to the laser head, rather than travelling from a resonator and being reflected across multiple mirrors, which would weaken the beam after it starts off at a very high rate of power.

This modern process means you get a much stronger beam with less chance of it changing state while travelling, resulting in a highly concentrated beam so you achieve a high-quality cut in such a fast time. It also means we use less energy in not creating such a powerful beam to start with – so it reduces the amount of energy used which means we reduce our carbon footprint in the process.

Combining this technology with the knowledge of our experienced operator, we achieve consistently high-quality results time after time.

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Why Use a Fibre Laser Cutter?

There are many benefits to using our Fibre Laser Cutting services such as:

  • A smooth finish to the edges of materials meaning no need to deburr edges, much cleaner than punching and sheering.
  • High volumes of parts can be cut at high-speed rates – resulting in more capacity for us and lower costs for you.
  • A range of materials can be cut such as Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanised Steel and Zintec.
  • Complex shapes can be cut at ease keeping costs to a minimum.
  • Super low tolerances allowing you to achieve the highest quality results in your cut products.
  • Anti-spatter capabilities while cutting to enable a smooth cut finish.
  • Etching Capabilities – great for marking and labelling your products

Learn more about our Kimla Fiber laser cutting machine by reading our blog here:

Lazer Cutter Features

Our Kimla 8kW Laser Cutter can cut sheet metal of various sizes and thicknesses.

Our Laser cutter’s bed size can fit metal sheets of up to 4000mm in length and 2000mm in width.

The thicknesses of the metal that can be laser cut are:

  • Mild Steel: 0.5mm to 20mm
  • Stainless Steel: Up to 15mm
  • Aluminium: Up to 12mm

We use the latest software alongside our state-of-the-art machinery to nest parts closely together. This means we yield the most parts from the material which is very efficient for us and the customer.
The same software detects flaws and defects in artworks to avoid any incorrect cutting, therefore eliminating risks of material waste.
Combining these advantages we are able to provide products finished to a high standard, cut in a fraction of time in comparison to other manufacturers

Mechanical loading bay for new cnc lazer cutting tool at PC Fabrications